1st Annual Call for Scores

We are now opening our call for scores internationally! Details can be found here. We hope to receive a large and diverse swath of scores for review. The selected winners will be given a monetary award and performance in our August concert, the details of which will be released soon. Good luck to all submitters!

Concert solidified

We are excited to finally secure a date and time for our second concert, details can be found here. Meanwhile, we will soon roll out news for an August event, and will release a call for scores for additional programming. We are very enthusiastic to select current music around the world for performance, and expect an excellent line-up for high-quality and fresh music. Stay tuned!

TNMC @ Alabama Art Kitchen Canceled

For reasons beyond us, namely bad-weather forecasts, we had to cancel the March 2nd event. However, we are quickly on the rebound for a reschedule, and will likely pull another date for the end of March or April. Meanwhile, if you own a projector, I may be willing to lend a kidney for it. If you can let go of it for a few days, please e-mail colinbrogan@gmail.com.